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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Poetry-photography collaboration between Trev Eales and Robert Sheppard: first showing in Otoliths 52

‘My PC,’ writes editor Mark Young, quite casually, ‘is having breathing problems due, I think, to the amount of moisture around from the monsoon trough that's been hovering overhead for the last few days and is likely to be there for several more days. So, since I've got it settled down, but don't trust its ability to stay that way, I've decided to bring this issue launch forward.’ So here today is  

Issue fifty-two of Otoliths, the southern summer 2019 issue, here and now live.

This is a large online magazine, in which I have appeared before, that time with some of the prose pieces from Unfinish: here. I write about that work here: particularly my perfomance collaboration with Jo Blowers. 
But this time I appear with my friend Trev Eales, premiering our poetry-photography collaboration, Charms and Glitter, the book of which will be published later this year. I wrote about my uses of photography and my plans for this collaboration in an undelivered talk. What is interesting is that not a lot of my planning (described at the end of this talk) finds its way into the final poem, not least of all its rigorous metrics! It may be read here.

But then poetics is a thumbnail not a blueprint: one of its functions is ‘to get things going’, and that’s what all that planning did. Remember Miles Davis studying Stockhausen with Paul Buckmaster and then going into the studio to blow…?A suitably musical analogy for this project, of course.

Featured in Otoliths is ‘Gallery 3’ of Charms and Glitter, on three reggae artists: Toots Maytal, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and Jimmy Cliff. Find them HERE!

There are no images in this post because they are all there!

(There are more images and poems accessible through this link HERE.)

Trev Eales is a photographer specialising in live music (and Lakeland landscapes) who lives in Cumbria. For over 20 years, beginning in the early 1990s he photographed for WOMAD. (World Of Music Art and Dance) Over the past 10 years he has contributed as a photographer and reviewer to a variety of online publications covering major UK music festivals. Events photographed include Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Isle of Wight Festival, T in the Park, TRNSMT Festival and British Summertime Hyde Park.

He currently photographs and reviews for

A selection of his work can be found on his website at

As always, there's lots of outstanding work, in a variety of genres on Otoliths, from Anne Gorrick, Doren Robbins, Bob Marcacci, Mary Kasimor, Demosthenes Agrafiotis,  M. J. Iuppa, Jim Meirose, Vasiliki Katsarou, Jim Leftwich, Steve Dalachinsky, Lynn Strongin, Sanjeev Sethi, Mark Cunningham, Piet Nieuwland, Seth Howard, Crank Sturgeon, Pete Spence, Kristian Radford, Andrew Rihn, Elaine Woo, Michael Gottlieb, Sheila E. Murphy, Richard J. Fleming, Jeremy Freedman, John McCluskey, a.j. carruthers, John Martone, Lakey Comess, Olivier Schopfer, Joseph Buehler, Amelia Dale, Heath Brougher, John Crouse, Lindsey Anderson, J. Crouse, Robyn Art, Monica Carroll, Tom Montag, Scott MacLeod, john sweet, David Lohrey, Adam Levon Brown, Jack Galmitz, Texas Fontanella, John M. Bennett, Reuben Woolley, hiromi suzuki, Márton Koppány, Diane Keys, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Daniel de Culla, iDrew, Tom Beckett, Clara B. Jones, Nick Nelson, John Levy, Bob Heman, Renata Solimini, Keith Higginbotham, Kon Markοgiannis, Marcello Diotallevi, Karl Kempton, Kathleen Reichelt and Randee Silv, Drew B. David, Dream Meli, Alec Hershman, Andrew Topel, Craig Cotter, gobscure, Winston Plowes, Emilio Morandi, Tony Beyer, Luc Fierens, Penelope Weiss, Jeff Harrison, Stephen Nelson, Jonel Abellanosa, Carla Bertola, Jac Nelson, Rich Murphy, Alberto Vitacchio, Keith Nunes, Erik Fuhrer, Nicolette Wong and David Heg, Monique Lyle, Kristian Patruno, Michael O'Brien, Marcia Arrieta, Natsuko Hirata, Nicola Griffin, Jessie Janeshek, Jesse Glass, Larkin Higgins, Richard Kostelanetz, Michael Brandonisio, Shloka Shankar, Tim Wright, Edward Kulemin, Kit Kennedy, Marilyn Stablein, John Pursch, J. D. Nelson, Katrinka Moore, and Jane Joritz-Nakagawa.