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Sunday, June 09, 2019

Robert Sheppard and Trev Eales: Poetry and Photography on Tentacular 3: Heather Baron Gracie and IAMDDB (hub post)

A further ‘gallery’ from the poetry-photography collaboration by Trev Eales and myself, Charms and Glitter, has been published in Tentacular 3. We’d both like to thank editor Jonathan Catherall for taking it.

This one is ‘Gallery 2’ and it (unusually) consists of a second image of one of our featured festival rock stars: so that IAMDDB is sandwiched between two images of Heather Baron Gracie from Pale Waves.

takes you to a post with links to the other two poems in the ‘Gallery 7’ to which it belongs: Debbie Harry and Patti Smith.     

I write more about our collaboration here (with links to further images/poems and to a talk that went undelivered on the relationship of my writing to photography as a social practice and art). I write abut the 'Charms and Glitter project' in relation to other collaborations with artists, at the end of a long post here.
Trev Eales is a photographer specialising in live music who lives in Cumbria. For over 20 years, beginning in the early 1990’s he photographed for WOMAD. Over the past 10 years he has contributed as a photographer and reviewer to a variety of online publications covering major UK music festivals: Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, etc. Photographs and reviews: Web with many more photos:

We met at the University of East Anglia, where we were students, in October 1974, at a Thin Lizzy concert. Sometime, a few years ago, we were sitting on the banks of a canal in Lancaster (where we meet between his home Barrow-in-Furness and my adopted home Liverpool), I suggested we ‘do something’ collaborative with our respective practices.  We did. Here are some results...

The reason there are no ‘images’ on this page? Because you only have to click above to see the latest (and the preceding) images (and poems).