Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Robert Sheppard: End of Fourth Series and a Note on Copyright

I have been asked by the British Library to allow them to archive Pages. As I think this little enterprise seems to reach a few more people than I originally imagined, and I think – having just written a piece looking back as ‘under-reported poetries’ of the 1980s - I am very pleased that this should happen on the grounds of making something temporary visible in years to come.

However this blogzine carries material that remains the copyright of those who appear on its pages. I am proposed therefore that this should be the case:

a. For work already posted on the blogzine before the date of this posting; unless I hear otherwise I will assume consent to the work being both here and archived after, but I will remove any work if requested by the author(s) and/or copyright holders.

b. For work to be posted on this blogzine after the date of this posting: I am assuming consent to the work being used here (as is already the case, stated in my first posting) and also archived by the British Library after. See

I have been amused by the visibility of Pages online and indeed would like to record that an interview with myself, partly about Pages, ‘Literary Netscapes: Web Poetry and Blogging’, conducted by Graeme Harper, is about to appear in the book Authors at Work: the Creative Environment (Melton: Boydell and Brewer, 2009). Most people think I’m a technophobe, but obviously not. Check the book out here; I guess I'm the 'poet blogger' not the 'Poet Laureate' mentioned in the list of contributors, but you never know. My sister in law voted for me online, apparently.

The second series of Pages has been digitalised HERE. 

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