Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Patricia Farrell and Andrew Taylor Reading

Andrew Taylor and Patricia Farrell launched their new

collections of poetry at

The Ship and Mitre

Liverpool L3 2JH

on Saturday 23rd February

2 - 4 pm

Andrew’s Radio Mast Horizon and Patricia’s The Zechstein Sea are

both published by Shearsman Books

‘With a voice fresh and responsive, these poems’ chiselled lyricism

is firmly located in terms of time and space … Everything is in them, it

seems. Including us. At last Taylor’s impressive oeuvre is amassed for

the audience it deserves.’ (Robert Sheppard)


On Patricia's book: ‘Via encounters with the troubadour poet, Guillaume of Poitiers,

Friedrich Hölderlin and the contemporary goldsmith, Jivan Astfalck,

Farrell offers “new solutions/new songs” whilst “provoking new

lines of thought”.’ (Scott Thurston)

Patricia will be publishing a new book from Veer in late 2014. But until then, read Ian Seed's review of her book here.