Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Educated Desire - For Robert Sheppard at Sixty (KFS; published 14th November 2015)

With a book out with this sub-title, I can't deny it. (More here on 60!) (The title An Educated Desire alludes to my pedagogic poetics piece, 'The Education of Desire' which is now here.)

This festschrift, mainly edited by Scott Thurston with the help of Patricia Farrell, and published by Alec Newman's Knives Forks and Spoons Press, is now out. There are 66 contributors, I think, and I am supremely and humbly moved by these editings, productions and contributions. (It's a great anthology of contemporary poetry.) I will contact each individually, of course, but that will take time (I'm very busy). And perhaps I'll respond to the book more fully here. (More on the book and my receiving of it at my 60th party here.)

So a big THANK YOU to all: to Scott, Alec, Patricia, and the contributors.

The book is available HERE,  along with a sample and a list of contributors. Or


Checking the list of contributors

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