Thursday, January 26, 2017

Edge Hill Enemies Video: Robert Sheppard and Joanne Ashcroft (Matus Dobres of the EUOIA)

Joanne and I read three poems from our collaboration, the fictional poems of Matúš Dobeš of the European Union Of Imaginary Authors (see here and here for more on both).

See here for my details of the North by North West tour and about the Edge Hill evening, of which I was the local curator and for links about the EUOIA project and the 28 poets us make it up (and they did make it up).
I am pleased to announce that Shearsman Books will be publishing the EUOIA anthology.  It will be called Twitters for a Lark and here is its cover:

A bit more on Joanne here. See her blog on my blogroll. And on it you'll be able to read her take on the event, but here it is for speed.