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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ship of Fools press Exhibition Edge Hill 2017: Hub post (links) and Introduction

Rack showing some pamphlets
Over the next few weeks I'm going to post photos, some good quality, some less so, all OK, to give you an idea of what the Ship of Fools exhibition at Edge Hill University as part of the Sheppard Symposium (see here for more on that) was like. This shall also serve as a hub post to the other posts and operate as a list of Ship of Fools publications. (See here.)

Patricia Farrell and I are currently assembling a book that celebrates what we have done and what we have achieved. See the descriptive text (also below). The exhibition threw up quite a few publications we'd forgotten about, like the 'Links In Ink' glimpsed in the second photo below. (The exhibition included a few publications that we didn't publish ourselves, like Patricia's Four Musicians of Bremen which you can also see below.)

Other posts are:

Two earlier announcements for the exhibition whilst it was still showing here and here.
On 'Mesopotamia': here.
Images related to performances of 'Schrage Musik' here.

and more to follow approx every two days...

One of the glass cases

Rack: Inks in Ink  one of the indexes to Twentieth Century Blues (one of many ephemeral publications from Ship of Fools that never reached a catalogue)

Introductory text to the exhibition

We loved having to have this!