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■ 100 (twittersonnet)

bearded ev
ergreen ov
a craggy c

astle wall
/bag of ce
ment flat
ened and b

roken on t
ramlines t
o leave du

st/bike bu
ckled wher
e it hangs

■ 99 piggybacking girls round the monument/NEPTUNE stamping his horses (a café steals his water thunder)/black tooth windows/ladies sipping ORVAL ■ 98 a moorhen and fluffed chick stand on the girder wet webs safe from tidal flow/all motion is relative/cannot be seen beyond their conception ■ 97 Time dies. Oak leaves spread at water-level. As many roofs on display as at a roofers’ convention. How many maps to deal with a given space? ■ 96 time at the heart of space is movement/the rear of the fish restaurant lurching into the river/the empty boat with outboard bobbing/creaking ■ 95 the buttressed bulge below defeated windows/cannot be seen beyond their conception hoisted from river/sagging over the waterline on the bend ■ 94 the buttressed bulge below defeated windows/analysis destroyed the solidity of this fisherman’s house/sagging over the waterline on the bend ■ 93 she’s reading a book to remind her how a saint should act or:/a critique of space high above the Botermarkt/halo or crown/a forlorn corner ■ 92 chancels with bats’ wings architecture out of Hell creating the illusion of time/cars parked like odd shoes lined up under a hat-stand/blent ■ 91 green ironwork crawls up the side of the building/mental and social at once/over the way where I park my bike/Ghent where I have never lived ■ 90 his arm with hands in pockets of gesture among parcels of space/mustard gas forest seeps across paths of ice/his lowered head a wan pellicle ■ 89 faces constructed by background (interference)/bodies shudder into ice-floe paint-flick a texture of rainbow lemon and tree blot/in creases ■ 88 stroll through a world of scratches slashing burning grounded by the medium without message sinking into its impositions/fingerflicking ■ 87 past her snarl windows across the canal she tightens her open cup leotard adjusts crotchless crotch lets the world pass brushing her breasts ■ 86 something fishy about the body/head grafted from myth/curved to the tree that sways behind its back/no arms or branches but toes and roots ■ 85 the bushes look like huddled hedgehogs with their backs turned/how many maps might be needed to deal with this given space to code or decode ■ 84 the code is more deceptive than the thing when the thing is an acorn on a column or an empty plaque embossed with graffiti ■ 83 thru’ marble arch tarpaulin on which Magritte’s curtain-building is opening on flat summer skies (behind which dreams the renovating palace) ■ 82 cloven hooves aloft double breath spout/a floating medium latticed with lacy rippled contrast/class war ■ 81 the subject cannot do without the object pleading in the language of things: of handsized bricks/cut glass/cones conjured from flat tiles ■ 80 objects swamped by facts or/spitting into a little cup/ejaculations/measured by money/wishing well full of best wishes/vacant inscriptions ■ 79 patiently sit all day arms folded head bent into space complete with vanishing point spewing a lip-moulded stream of eternal spittle ■ 78 sliced buildings profess professions/professors abstract perspective inscribing human relations across the square/crowds gawp/clouds glower ■ 77 ODE TO DIVERSITY/gilded trinkets tumbling down the face of the Museum of Amnesia/Hindu woman miming destitution with anguished fists: kerbed ■ 76 laboured place/floral bolts into wood/a dragon sheered through/hand raised (swordless)/shield shielding nothing/ruthless eyes & hacked nose ■ 75 inside the frame resembles everything else/repetitious spaces repeated within repeating scenes of the Markt selling itself to itself/outside ■ 74 rows of lights under gables compose the square/a statue does not know that it is one/issuing orders or delivering blessings/texture blooms ■ 73 a set of real operations made the man in a kagoul bend over to examine the dog’s arse/another set made the dog-cobbles-bollards-street-city ■ 72 stone dog cocking a leg against the corner bollard rue de Chartreux monumentalising this quotidian moment fleeting active yet still on guard ■ 71 each pinnacle pinched with gestures/hands spread, legs tossed, torsos twisted, heads bent/no faces under hats to challenge a scythe of cloud ■ 70 ‘Il faut être absolument moderne’/ICI OÙ PAUL VERLAINE BLESSA ARTHUR RIMBAUD D’UN COUP DE REVOLVER ■ 69 story twists as the narrator turns (blue pen marks on his thigh/some eye sorts this out/foliage entwines marble) turns to caress the hidden ■ 68 he appeared from the skies (an hour or so ago) skin scaly oily carbuncular and craterous unshaven/pores collecting the grit of this world ■ 67 leaf tickles founder’s ear/hand around shoulder/above finny cloak that superhumanises/bleached face adorned with felt-tip moustaches/and me ■ 66 projective space for projectile voicings projected onto you as responsibility’s double breath ■ 65 put this back on the map: (t)race the webbed salute/the contorted leap (fixed)/the water breath against a rhythm of cars-trees-lampposts ■ 64 punch up on a pinpoint squalid flailing in a narrative that covers its tracks like a map of porous borders on the point of being torn into ■ 63 which map’s he on/giving his game away escapes the arcade with jacket over shoulder scowling/invisibility unplotted/a post-it in a phone box ■ 62 as quick as mind he sleeps in a chair curved like a wave carrying his outdoor dreams hands folded liver spotted the city map ■ 61 un soldat inconnu competing with discourses to travel to a ring of growling gryphons holding up the dish of flame for een onbekende soldaat ■ 60 aloft column beyond gilded fringe Léopold heading up clouds/below gold extracted from the c(o)re of the 1831 constitution ■ 59 Function as ornament. A choice of walls packages the day. You could talk excrescence into style. Figures twisted into narrative stall. ■ 58 figures twisted into narrative move as soon as you near bleed from eye sockets rumble into your body space (Johan Muyle) ■ 57 this writing is not a body/stumps along beside rails (cracked dish carries its flame) steps on grass scratches head/this body isn’t writing ■ 56 ‘because the world is in colour’ (explains Abbas): the black and white bride marries the corpse in the photo they hold next to her ■ 55 salmon brick house on the rise beyond the canal too low to register upon whatever it is that records windows punctured with Flemish darkness ■ 54 a pagan flap of wings and tangle of talons over a body frozen and erected to the status of myth/beyond the wire cupped tulips multiple arch ■ 53 macro glass in its flat and curved space varieties abutted/micro figurative dummy catching the taint of the city on its greening skin ■ 52 the day is occurring to itself we walk into it and I think with the back of my head facing it ■ 51 I’m the man under the hedge arch looking at the dome of Le Botanique/you are the one who sees me beyond the lily pond framed by your looking ■ 50 I’m a lamppost man a lawn corpse man a pigeon man a straight path man a modernist man a hedge twig man a UFO flash in the dark trees man ■ 49 pulsions of perfect embodiedness the roof steps into cloud masturbating a place in blacked-out childhood forever under construction ■ 48 inscribed in me: me at the attic window the space of me looking out over Lievestraat and the cellar window peeping at passers’ ankles knees ■ 47 glass buildings in non-utile shapes refract each other narrowing sky spoutspray steaming below/hoisted man washes his way around the curves ■ 46 BETWEEN sagging leaves and crouching fur/soft feet and hard cobbles/canopied shade and light so naked it is invisible/WEAVES TIME’S QUESTION ■ 45 horsechestnuthands wave over water/internationalbrickwork leads to the fountain/waterspouthalo behind the vigilstatue/THINK: where are we ■ 44 column sprouting/horns of a devil//or family tree as gurgling/gargoyles//the impression of feet/on the cobbles prints unreadable/history ■ 43 rotate to landscape: shadowed archway a reservoir of ink or/pitch sky with horizon of bricklight/crabplants scuttling wherever’s up ■ 42 heraldic ensigns horizonless on the thick glass of the windows of the Huys der Liefde/pulled inside out a house of Lipsius/Montanus/Ortelius ■ 41 unseatable throne? ■ 40 rhinolalia muzzle nudges for a broken song ■ 39 aloft surveying all that isn’t his mistaken for shirtless carving beside stirring gauze that screens the equine statue/its doubtful gestures ■ 38 reclusive Balthasar’s golden compass grips the globe crippled inky fingers measure the surface of maps the ridges of print on finest paper ■ 37 the marvellous is awkward/scribbling among Plantin’s shelves dialoguing with categories the moment’s historian shot through with knowledge ■ 36 produce this house as you move through it reading the print and map rooms navigating your history thinking about what’s not present/leaning ■ 35 Plantin’s image rises from brickwork latticed windows like uncut sheets: proofread the bookish house looking inward to its garden ■ 34 of the material where material is stone as solid as stone should be between praxis and representation: lion propped up on its human fist ■ 33 moss on the bark of the tree like green light it may go around the world we live it and we think it and it thinks us in its living ■ 32 scowling Christ with sword and scales the twisted Host a print of the Spanish Fury identities fixed throwntogetherness without scatter ■ 31 letters reversed on milky window absent depth unmarked by time and drainpipes spewing tendrillar wires that sing Latvia Estonia Finland ■ 30 frame the red window frame which frames the curved cream underbelly of the stairs and the varnished wood banisters which follow them ■ 29 spatial scales stepped roofs encounter flows of flags abstractions of maps tides of information against waves of nostalgia catching light ■ 28 space outwith place where roofs meet sky: on false chimneys or high points: gold eagle/alert fox/be-piked yeoman/mariner shading his eyes ■ 27 silver crown midpoint over iron gateway a compression point funnelling people: space-time coordinate for inter-species solidarity ■ 26 the segmented reflection of the outer window ghosted its ornate patterns of authority its relative position beyond glass in focal illusion ■ 25 a priori steps of Antwerp station where people produce (carrying pushchairs lifting children hauling rucksacks) pause by marble pillars/noon ■ 24 flat planes of faces curve as intervals in negative distance a single red flag flutters on a window ledge white motif curled shyly away ■ 23 three men in sou’westers tend towards the Swiss poster promising ‘More than meets the eye’ in English/bent one way-street sign arrowing ■ 22 lateral shots of words past floral baskets gilded cornices irregularly stepped balconies café parasols the logos of international exchange ■ 21 guild houses round the Markt surface cut to the depths of the manifesto: shoulder to shoulder their tight asperities ■ 20 sculpted sleep as lids are moulded shut/a masturbator’s grip upon the mayoral scroll LEONARD VANDENHECKE ■ 19 tensions in space not forms cut into (our) time they are floating not waiting striking out not enduring ■ 18 the closer you get the less there is (approach as an eye) abrupt delineations that are read as shaded building bricks on a 2D matrix ■ 17 crouch under the ledge upon which the knight stretches an overstepping toe the space and scope left for the roughed in/beyond genealogy ■ 16 rows of knives scissors for variation a syntax of blades behind the window of the coutellerie a razor’s discrimination between flesh and air ■ 15 synchronic pan: Flemish with crane aloft/an ice façade drips/to fore: fountain where Calder mobile swings like a sail but dances in time ■ 14 decompartmentalisation of externals: glass for clouds and girders blossoming style on the superface/for depth: old perfume old iron ■ 13 fixed point or vortex/canopied ingress egress/the solidity of glass held by black wrought ironwork a cage for shoppers musical instruments ■ 12 tactical formations of repetition: conical trees amid scratched bark plane/hedges and gangly stems/garbage urns/pools of dust turds in sand ■ 11 brickwork syntax with wide cement connectives hanging there and/or sculpted there heraldic and abstracted the shell of the shell ■ 10 more an homunculus bent knees whorish pelvic stretch: the curved water pipe up his arse launches a parabola his eternal stream completes ■ 9 not botticellian scalloped arrival dispersal of piss-steam piddle-trickle the smallest statue of illiberality in the world ■ 8 blue wall pixellated in close-up winged with cracking paintwork steps down which mythic characters chase in contiguity/coincidence/overload ■ 7 nose into perspective (skip with a rope on the roof) smell basket of flowers red and purple synthesised into the spaces you sniff out ■ 6 a slash across a speckled sky/the slope of the roof/the tilt of an eye//time full of now perspective ■ 5 not the heavy timbers of the shadowy door but the saints poised for studied martyrdom in slanted sunlight tinting ingress ■ 4 De Grote Markt/carve supernal genealogies onto each spatial container/or: float them there as if by human intention ■ 3 Doric Bourse time makes KNACK space in place of crossing experience with body lurching motorbike at rest against wall of bleached exchange ■ 2 spire at dusk spearing vapour trails a lone gull gliding above the pinnacle of Europe flecked wash over clenched dark buildings ■1 breathing water spout against an irradiated dusk ripple ■ 0 tweets @ Valckenborch 2009-2008

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