Friday, December 19, 2014

The Wolf 31 Published/Robert Sheppard on Christopher Middleton

The Wolf 31 (December 2014) is now available

Edited by James Byrne and Sandeep Parmar

Included in this issue: An exclusive interview with Jerome Rothenberg by Ariel Resnikoff. Reviews of Geoffrey Hill, Carol Watts and D.S. Marriott. Poems from Chris McCabe, Manoel de Barros, John James, Jana Bodnárová, Alvin Pang and much more. 

Christopher Middleton

This issue also contains my piece ‘Artifice and Artificers: The Meaning of Form in the work of Christopher Middleton’, formerly an excerpt from my book The Meaning of Form (for which I have a firm publisher), and now an outtake, or more practically, a separate essay of its own and, I hope, a useful account of the work of this major writer. Unfortunately, this essay is no longer online. Oliver Dixon has some nice things to say about it here.

An introduction to The Meaning of Form and links to its formative pieces see here. This piece was originally going to be part of that book, but the publisher's reader felt it didn't fit. I guess that's right, since the sense of 'form' in Middleton's poetics is not the same as mine.

A Wolf interview with me, conducted by Chris Madden may be read in The Robert Sheppard Companion. See here: Pages: The Robert Sheppard Companion (ed. Byrne and Madden) is published NOW