Thursday, February 05, 2015

Patricia Farrell and Robert Sheppard: FANDANGO LOOPS now out

This text is in partly a ‘reading’ of Siteless by François Blanciak (Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2008), an inventory of 1001 design forms (though he thinks of them as purely architectural ones). I have made use of his section ‘Copenhagen’, but only a few of the words are his. The arrangement of his named shapes (mainly adjective-noun phrases, e.g. ‘plunger façades’) already resembles a poem, as Blanciak is aware, but peculiarly suggest the verses of Raymond Queneau’s ‘quennet’ frame, which I have used here in crumpled form. Blanciak writes that sometimes the words for his forms come to him before the shapes of the free-hand drawings that accompany them. But Patricia Farrell had different ideas and provided her own computer-generated images for the project. It is as the subtitle says, a book of forms.

                                                pastoral zoning                                   
                                                fruiting oval

                                                bloom cube                 
                                                inverted spires

                                                bungled louvers                      
                                                woven dome

                                                miraculous you love it
                                                without comfort not sat in
                                                3 stylish chairs photographed
                                                inside the inside choice of
                                                adjusting the handlebars
                                                frosted glass developed need
                                                designed down to the last plug

                                                circulation worms                   
                                                sinus dragon

Fandango Loops by Patricia Farrell and Robert Sheppard is now out from Ship of Fools, 78 Nicander Road, Liverpool, L18 1HZ, made out to R. Sheppard, for £3. Or email

Buy with Liverpool Hugs and Kisses - £5 for both. See here.

Copenhagen Style (not an image from the booklet, though this design museum influenced it, everything 'designed down the last plug' as I say in the poem)

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