Sunday, October 16, 2016

Robert Sheppard: History or Sleep: a second review on Stride

There is a second review on Stride of History or Sleep here(Previous online reviews, including the first, can be accessed here). The first was positive; the second, by Anna Cathenka, is not, though that's not the problem. It is fixated upon the cover (which she finds repulsive) and the first poem in the book. There's a quote from a poem of 1988. (Which leaves approximately 30 years of work and change unaccounted for.)

Poem one, the recently recovered 'Round Midnight', is referred to a lot by Cathenka, and, by chance, I have posted it here, so it might be of use in reading her review. (She obviously doesn't like jazz, but 'pricking' is a musical term not a phallocentric neologism.)

Knowing that the author is a student of the subject I teach, it led me back to the 'FOOTNOTES' of these thoughts about the possibly premature professionalisation of our students, here. An effect, though I don't say so there, of what is unhumourously referred to as the 'employment agenda'. (The two words are always twinned as though they topple in their separate states.) 

Here's the link again, raw:!/2016/10/vaguely-repulsive-realism.html. The above one seems to only take one to Stride.

Buy and be repulsed:

Vaguely Repulsive?