Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ian McMillan and Robert Sheppard: Simultaneous Performance: Leeds Enemies (photo, video, set list and thoughts)

February Thursday 9th - Leeds : Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club; North by North West Enemies Tour

Ian McMillan and I performed our still untitled piece of simultaneous writing. We wrote it at the same time (Monday 23rd January 2017 19.00-19.45) and then we performed it simultaneously. People seemed to like it. It was great to work with Ian and we thinking of ways of developing this work. Here’s the video of our bit:

And here you can read the texts in their intertwinedness, on 3am Magazine

Here's the full roster:

Ian McMillan and Robert Sheppard
Chris McCabe and Nathan Walker
SJ Fowler and Patricia Farrell
Tom Jenks and Sarah Clare Conlon
Lauren de sa Naylor and Andrew Clwyd
Leanne Bridgewater and Lucy Harvest Clarke
Nasser Hussain and Lucy Burnett
Joseph Clarke and Andrew Wells
Christopher Stephenson and Matthew Welton
Tom Weir and Matthew Hedley Stoppard
Stephen Emmerson and James Davies
Linda Black and Andrew Wilson Lambeth

It was a wonderful evening with an impressive range of how to undertake performance of/in collaboration. It was also good to perform on the same bill as Patricia but in different contexts. The evening also produced Colin, a University friend, not seen for 40 years, who is a friend of Leanne Bridgewater, one of the readers. Good to hang out with Chris McCabe and to see Lauren de sa Naylor again and to meet Nasser Hussain, Lucy Harvest Clarke and Stephen Emmerson for the first time. Others too....

Leeds Enemies (without Ian!)