Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Patricia Farrell: her North by North West Collaborations on video

Patricia has just been on tour as part of the North by North West Enemies project, and she may be viewed here in collaborative performance after collaborative writing with (top to bottom) Chris McCabe in York; Nathan Walker in Manchester; with Chris McCabe again at Edge Hill University; with S.J. Fowler in Leeds; with Joanne Ashcroft in Liverpool; and with Tom Jenks in Sheffield (where she plays the part of the astonishing Amanda).

I was at half of these events (I read at two of them, videoes on this blog here and here, and was the local curator for Edge Hill) and it was a wonderful tour, with most of the work tip-top. It may all be found on YouTube. Well done Steven J Fowler and Tom Jenks for organising.

For a hub post to the posts by, on and to, Patricia on her birthday (with links to her online works) see here.