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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Joey Frances on the Robert Sheppard Symposium (conference report)


Frances, J., (2017). Robert Sheppard Symposium. It's in the online version of the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, now edited by Scott Thurston and Gareth Farmer

Thanks Joey for such a comprehensive account of the papers that, as you say, I deliberately absented myself from, in a fury of aspirin and headache metaphors!

More on the Symposium itself here:

In the evening following there was a reading by some of the most prominent poets in the UK: Allen Fisher, Robert Hampson, Zoe Skoulding, Antony Rowland, Patricia Farrell, Nikolai Duffy, Rhys Trimble, Natasha Borton, Scott Thurston, Andrew Taylor and others. See here for videos of their readings (and mine).
Visit the hub post to take you to all the posts concerning the Ship of Fools exhibition which documented the publishing of Robert Sheppard and Patricia Farrell, alongside the sympsosium here. Lots of images.

There are also some photos of conference sessions taken by Rob Edge here. You can see them all thinking. 

Joey also mentions the KFS festscrift An Educated Desire that is available here, along with a sample and a list of contributors. 

That really is enough about me! One thing I need to do is get back to the interview Joey is conducting with me about Pages in its original print form.