Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Robert Sheppard: Working on 2 anthologies at the same time: Atlantic Drift and Twitters for a Lark

I mentioned in these posts that I was writing the blurb-matter for one of the two anthologies I am editing at the moment, that one being the fake anthology of fictional poets (the EUOIA poets who may be read about here), which is called Twitters for a Lark and which is scheduled for publication by Shearsman. I speak of it here, but of course, there is the other anthology, Atlantic Drift: an anthology of poetry and poetics which I am editing with James Byrne.

What is the connection between the two? Oddly, quite a lot. Obviously all the editorial tasks of proof reading and preparation are similar. But I have realised that there are a few poets in common. I don’t mean my fictional poets, of course, but the collaborators that I have been working with on one, appear as themselves in the other: Allen Fisher, Steven Fowler and Zoe Skoulding are in both volumes. My co-editor of one, James, is a collaborator for the other. Both publishers are called Tony.

Yes, I’d love to say that the fictional poets were more difficult to deal with than the real ones, but neither group has been difficult in any way. And we have been helped by a group of interns at Edge Hill University Press. Although, thinking about it, there is a fictional intern to the EUOIA, the poet Jason Argleton, also of Edge Hill, according to his biography in Twitters. There's a poem of his here. So he must be real (in some sense).

Another connection is that both books are scheduled to be celebrated in the same week, one at the Edinburgh Book Festival, the other at The Other Room in Manchester. I’m sure you can work out which one is which, but just to say that I’m hoping many EUOIA collaborators will appear in Manchester. (Note: 9th September: See here for an account of that evening.)

Of course, the poets in one anthology are more than welcome to turn up for the launch of the other, though (rising to the Bob McCorkle aspects of the project) the appearance of a posse of EUOIA poets in Edinburgh might prove a fissure in the substance of reality that we might not survive.

Here’s what we have about Twitters for a Lark so far.
Here’s what we have about Atlantic Drift so far.

In other news: Atlantic Drift: A Transatlantic Anthology of Poetry & Poetics (co-edited by James Byrne and Robert Sheppard), EHUP & Arc Publications, 2017, is now OUT! See here: