Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Last Other Room (Manchester) 18th April 2018

It was all going so well; we were sitting on the Manchester train, pulling out of Lime Street, having decided to give the Whitworth a go before the final TOR, and I settled down to my Baraka Blues People, when Patricia's phone rang. I could hear it was something serious and it was about our son. And we were just pulling into Liverpool South Parkway. Where we got off... and never made the above gig.

I want to express my gratitude to the dynamic trio who organised these readings, Scott, Tom and James, and my personal debt to them as a a frequent reader (but infrequent attendee; it often clashed with MA teaching).I read from Twentieth Century Blues 10 years ago; performed my collaboration with Bob Cobbing (Patricia being Bob!) at the Cobbing evening; read the Van Valckenborch works from A Translated Man; and last August conducted the EUOIA reading. There are posts on this blog throughout featuring set lists and embodied videos or links.

 The EUOIA Other Room reading from last August is now available here.