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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Robert Sheppard and Thomas Ingmire: Collaboration ('Synovial Joints') part of current exhibition

Note (17th December 2018): The exhibition is still running of course, but the beautiful catalogue has just arrived and I realised with pleasure that the cover (as on the poster above) is part of my contribution to the event: I sent Thomas my poem 'Synovial Things' (named after 'Synovial Joints', the Steve Coleman album, and sometimes that seems to be the title of the poem, not sure finally!) and it may be read here. It is one of my 'Overdubs of Milton' which I talk about here. Five of them find their way into 'The English Strain'. The others don't, but there's nothing wrong with them on their own. Milton's sonnets don't make a sequence, really, and my tracking of them doesn't either. So U plan to publish them as 'leftoverdubs'!

You can also see our previous collaboration: both poem ('Afghanistan') and image/text here

Watch Thomas talk in 2016 about his collaborations with David Annwn, his principal poetry collaborator. The catalogue includes the latest works with David, and others (with Allen Fisher, Alan Halsey and Geraldine Monk, among those previously known to me. The others I have yet to read.).