Sunday, February 02, 2014

Robert Sheppard and Thomas Ingmire: Afghanistan

I have been working with an American calligrapher Thomas Ingmire (who has cheifly worked with David Annwn, who kindly suggested me). Below is a calligraphic/visual re-presensation/interpretation of my poem 'Afgahnistan' (from Warrant Error). I thought I'd share it. I have an original in my office.


Like a figure in a dream of perfect falling
Like something from somewhere like hell

You were the dark-eyed girl who crept out
Before the pink meat dawn to spy
The growling machines while the whole town
Still dreamt of exactly what she saw

 Night vision green flecked with sparks
And clouds of vectoral vapour pouring across
Sun-baked gravel where a human head severe
And severed scarved in crackling plastic
Resurrected. She dived through coils of barbed wire

She ran her oily fingers along the sealed walls
Of the outsiders as though reading their secret script
Or leaving her own