Friday, June 23, 2006

Mark Mendoza: Four Poems

between a rock & the deep blue sea
for s.v

between fifteen & twenty-five words at one time
between dip & caress
between ear & remote
between mock dress between despising

between the enhanced & the soupless
between the exclusive & the uncut
between Plymouth & black soda
between shadow & Stalin’s tomb
between grief & updated policy

between accident & coincidence
between emergence & occurrence
between equivalence & action (a hinge
between frogs & blue whales

between angelic scripts & the shit
between their own lives & our pocketbooks
between amor fati & amor dei intellectualis
between scarecrow & prayer

[untitled] for h.r.h

buying : cut laxation
shingle of flying jackets
sweet bells! the princely
nose “enjoys buildings
enjoys looking at them”

enemy lines envied
wads of soft incantation
lingering ives swimmers
locked in disrobbed eve
embugger the white bill

dang as five edges put it
the harsher pace of B
MR scanned all-the-way
back to gold-lit cells
turned caps in victory

energy enslav’d : TLC crusade
cokes barely fit the instant
to unwrap T
exas cutting boards
in these & several ways

relations grasp him
by the right hand paper
expiring extraterrestrial
spy compost i’ll walk
noblesse b/o : mute wade

“the exercise book was green”
for l.h.

earth a beautiful blue
clouds in the morning red
as it was a single orbit
n’est pas the tents tangl’d
rolling pins in pinked evening
excess not opposed to being
under cover of truck starkness
the trash strata baggage
claim teens temping their first
spree when control plus
zed fails EUREKA
red cedars to return things just-so
rigged tip shawls whetted want
well structure floral lens faltering
obedient sows of so-so danger
we were taught to walk
Adur Arun from sibylline shackles
flood as cold signal brawl

where there’s a till there’s
a weigh as in aureate
matter the yahoo dot co
dot UK worde package
customery brood pressure
contrast standing ceremony
Snowdon’s histrionic café

stepping out from the pyramyth
golden arches secure first sight
so steal hospital colouring
books false weekend starts
obtuse sharp-shooter jinx prize transmitter
rabbit epidemic shoo first utterance
dharma Damocles ampoule ampelopsis
solar tea dough machine-fun
office marks ex-centric drift tensity
walk a little further
an atomic line regurgitated
tax privilege sworn to
harvest blue-gray of atmospheric haze

white lilies to Lee’s windowsill
answer for Schwitters’s green blood
man utters her best man
tasting iodised salt mango St
Elmo’s fire sunspot activity green
tea-water medium AURORA
green is fluid
particles of the night serpent fire

friends pass phrases seaspent
spraying ochre buildings commanding Church
or Western Road sites complaining
exoneration green graphic count
less desires to come into day very
very dark & some
space covered by dense cumulus
home here indefinitely
& green
a degree of infinite infelicity

relief to Klein’s equal blue
stunned by live oak sunning
swimmers generic pus slow
thesis strand
haunches for slow hut
shackles cognate strata but
this is only an excuse

Run It

for j.w

Brisk between corkscrews, meat dumpling & droll
build up to irascible optics, then leave them to this

Cobalting, my rock & snatched book, oversize pearl
Cowling meant for prefect navigation &

their blouse lengths, shocks to be parsed, undernecks
then fronts as grout in the hole-in-this-wall

A wheelchair wet with choco drool, to spun-out
losing roll like vapor rents on Hogbacks high

Larger facts at the two snare drums & wily
house scarves. Nay-saying nil will outlive tarns;

floss with assenting hubby gulps, carpeted territories
tail a wide clamp & smoked hams, its gimme

darts due fashion cobalt on cobalt, thatch
censurably at handles to dependable spokes

As though the get-go was let go before the rat wife
As though flames of stumps were to crack achromatic

unremembered rides to the hash mark media kites
Arms locked across paraphernalia. Wait up, donate

A struggling whale chokes above the landing strip
Penalize a squeegee girl in the lane pit. Where,

at least. Certified-same-tissue leaves the pops well,
alone to be hummed-out soon, tuck & tuckered in

the bare racking blame awaits a hearty spool, brittle
with dew — tough on the clause of grime,

overcoats flash a lip-stiff EZ-pass. The Handy Plan
can but hound no pint-size gum by notation


Mark Mendoza is a British writer currently researching in Oxford, Ohio. He’s also one of the few poets I’ve met who comes from my neck of the woods. He hails from Shoreham-by-Sea, next town along from my Southwick. The poem for Lee Harwood here cites a few familiar sights and sites.

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Django Reinhardt: His Guitar

Monday, June 05, 2006

Robert Sheppard: Some Recent Work on the Web

I have been conducting a long interview with Edmund Hardy of Intercapillary Space, which has just appeared, entitled 'Signature and Ethics'.
This is accompanied by some poems, a sequence called ‘The War Had Ended; It Had Not Ended’ which is a preface to ‘September 12’, which is also excerpted here, and which I describe in the interview as .my best work to date’.

There is also a section of my prose fiction Thelma, which attempts to do for Liverpool what Breton did for Paris with Nadja.

(Other parts of Thelma appear in Tears in the Fence; the first half of ‘September 12’ appears in the print version of Shearsman.)

Edmund Hardy’s review of my The Poetry of Saying, about whch we converse quite a lot, also appears on Intercapillary Space.

A further sequence of poems, 'Berlin Bursts', appeared recently on Shadow Train.

I admit to be going rather slowly on Pages at the moment, but I have poems from Mark Mendoza and Simon Perril to post soon.

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