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Monday, June 05, 2006

Robert Sheppard: Some Recent Work on the Web

I have been conducting a long interview with Edmund Hardy of Intercapillary Space, which has just appeared, entitled 'Signature and Ethics'.
This is accompanied by some poems, a sequence called ‘The War Had Ended; It Had Not Ended’ which is a preface to ‘September 12’, which is also excerpted here, and which I describe in the interview as .my best work to date’.

There is also a section of my prose fiction Thelma, which attempts to do for Liverpool what Breton did for Paris with Nadja.

(Other parts of Thelma appear in Tears in the Fence; the first half of ‘September 12’ appears in the print version of Shearsman.)

Edmund Hardy’s review of my The Poetry of Saying, about whch we converse quite a lot, also appears on Intercapillary Space.

A further sequence of poems, 'Berlin Bursts', appeared recently on Shadow Train.

I admit to be going rather slowly on Pages at the moment, but I have poems from Mark Mendoza and Simon Perril to post soon.

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