Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bill Griffiths Collected Poems Launch videos

 On Saturday 1st March Reality Street Books launched the second Collected Poems and Sequences by Bill Griffiths in London. The editor Alan Halsey invited a few people who had helped him in his exacting task in some way. My claim to be there was on the basis of a few suggestions I made to Alan about the integrity of text-image interplay in The Book of the Boat. My writings on that may be read here. Apologies for raw links below, but I've embedded the ensemble piece for four voices.   
then readings from Griffiths' work by

Ensemble above (Fisher, Mendoza, Sheppard, Edwards)

Geraldine Monk (& guest appearance by the Anglo-Saxon scop Gavin Selerie) -

Links to links to Bill Griffiths' stories on Pages here.