Saturday, June 06, 2015

Patricia Farrell Storm Reading/ Helen Tookey (poems) and Patricia (images) at Bank Street Arts

Last Saturday morning, 30th May, after Patricia's Storm and Golden Sky reading on Friday (where she read more of her 'Logic for Little Girls' text, and collaborated once more with Joanne Ashcroft) we were off to Bank Street Arts, in Sheffield, so the artists could speak about their work in the current exhibition, we could look at it, and they could dismantle it! It was good to talk to Helen Tookey (Patricia's collaborator in '25 Views of Japan') , Harriet Tarlo and to Angelina Ayres, poet in residence. It was good to get to Bank Street too, since I have been involved with a couple of low-key explorations of poetry and image, which I'll deal with soon in my next post, here.

Bank Street Arts. The work included the pairings
  • Brian Lewis and Andrew Hirst
  • Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker
  • Helen Tookey and Patricia Farrell
  • Angelina Ayres and Beverly (lost the surname)
as well as this year's instalment of the Postcard Poems project. 

Here are images of the collaboration and the talk and reading Patricia and Helen conducted.

Title and thumbnail of all the images

Patricia before the work

Patricia before the work
A page of the work
Patricia and Helen talking about the collaboration
Helen reading the text from the limited edition book

Patricia the Artist

Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker talking about their collaboration (behind them)
A slice of Harriet's text
Patricia dismantling the show
Helen dismantling the show
Helen Tookey lives in Liverpool, teaches at JMU, collaborates with Patricia, publishes with Carcanet, and is one of those dreadful Firminists (the Malcolm Lowry lot) from Liverpool!