Saturday, September 09, 2017

Atlantic Drift Launch (a short video)

See here a short video about our launch in Edinburgh. It is obviously aimed at students but it does give a good idea of what the anthology is about and about the processes behind getting it published (at incredible speed), and the hard work of editors, poets and interns, all of whom speak so eloquently about it.

You may see it again here, along with another video about the Edge Hill Short Story prize event: with colleagues and students.  

To purchase a copy of Atlantic Drift follow the link to Arc Publications’ website:

Many thanks to Arc for their partnership. 

This is an anthology of Transatlantic poetry - and poetics: each poet offers his or her own writerly speculative discourse. (See here on poetics.) 

Stay tuned to EHUP with its Twitter and Facebook .

It's nice to have got this splendid anthology out; at the moment, though, I'm working on the EUOIA anthology Twitters for a Lark. (See here for an account of the recent EUOIA night, but read about the odd coincidences of working on both books at once, here. One coincidence not catalogued there is the strange purple light that seemed to creep from the Edinburgh launch into photos of the Manchester night a few days later!) This book may be bought (eventually) here:

NB Here are two more videoes, of  Sean Bonney reading: