Thursday, September 14, 2017

Robert Sheppard: Empty Diary 2016 published in the 50th edition of Erbacce

I have just (actually it appeared a while ago but the copy has only just reached me) been published in the special 50th edition of Erbacce, edited by Andrew Taylor (see here and here) and Alan Corkish.

They were both students of mine, as were a number of the invited poets for this special celebratory edition: Natasha Borton (who has featured on Pages a couple of times here and here), Rick Lee, Ursula Hurley, and Jacqui Dunne, among many others!

They have published ‘Empty Diary 2016: Send in the Worms’.

Empty Diaries is a long sequence that ran through Twentieth Century Blues and into the current century's poems: 1901-  and ongoing (again after a break of a decade)! The first eight of Wiped Weblogs: ED 2001-14 appeared in The Literateur. Find them here or here.  The final six appeared in a wonderful edition of Blackbox Manifold. See here.

The 2015 one has a touch of the bossa nova about it: see here: Empty Diary 2015

Empty Diary 2016  has a touch of doing the boss a favour about it! It’s a 100 word sonnet (see here for more on that form) but I cheat since the compound word ‘polysexual-Trumptrampled-sissyslut-feminization’, supposedly from the lexis of BDSM, is used at one point, and counts as one. But to read the rest of this exploration of contemporary sexuality, you will have to buy a copy of Erbacce 50.

Individual copies of erbacce (including this one) cost £4.00 or $6.00. The editors produce four editions each year for either £15.00 or $23.00. You may also subscribe for a year post-free.

Editors: Alan Corkish and Andrew Taylor

Cheques payable to Andrew Taylor should be sent to:

                                         Andrew Taylor
                                         5 Farrell Close
                                         L31 1BU

Or visit the website:

Another sequence of 100 word sonnets, 'Breakout' is in preparation. There is one in Robert Hampson's Purge.

I’m currently thinking about writing Empty Diary 2017.Thinking with lines like:

It’s strange to feel him writing through me once more
after some years of, if not autonomy, random indication,
Google-sculpting skin-flicks and outtakes of Chicklit.