Friday, September 01, 2017

Robert Sheppard and James Byrne (eds): ATLANTIC DRIFT published NOW (with links to reviews, events, etc.)

Follow the link to Arc’s website to buy, here.

IT'S NOW PUBLISHED and you really should buy it! Look who's in it!!

This is an anthology of Transatlantic poetry - and poetics: each poet offers his or her own writerly speculative discourse.

Hub post to all other posts about Atlantic Drift:

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On the LRB Bookshop, London reading here
(There are more LRB photos and videos here)
Review by Mary Jean Chan here
Read an account of the only Stateside launch, at Berkeley University in September 2018, here. 
AND view the video of that launch: here.

Editors with the Edge Hill interns at Edinburgh Book Festival launch: Brendan Quinn, Jenni Byrne, Jessica Tillings, us, Robert Edge and Bill Bulloch - good poets all