Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Robert Sheppard: New long poem, 'The Accordion book' published in Adjacent Pineapple 2

A long six part poem (or is it a long poem, I’m not sure) appears in the second issue of the vital magazine edited by Colin Herd, Adjacent Pineapple. Dig that name, dig my poem, here;

‘The Accordion Book’ is a long and deliberately involuted poem, dealing with perception, art and (in places) cognitive extension…. 
It begins:

Form becomes reform on this stretch
of paintbox limbs. Destruction is con-
structivist shivering, a black box with
unruly wires, splats! on grids. We

lean over our futures: white on black,
we silhouette our capering. One of us
faces the tank (we’ve learnt this pose from
YouTube footage) as they pounce to the beat....

 And then dig the work of the others:
       Amy Gerstler
       Joey Frances
    Eva Ferry
      Iain Britton
    Calum Rodger
     Clive Gresswell
      Medbh  McGuckian   
Denise Bonetti      
Paula Claire         
Claire Potter            
Rachel Grande      
Laura Tansley    
   Jonty Tiplady        

Thanks to Colin Herd for taking this work.