Friday, November 14, 2014

25 Edge Hill Poets: Adam Hampton

police station stands with ache on shallow
rise beside the bakery they knead
bread with balls and heels we call it
toenail loaf   eat with chopped potato fried
in steel tins and borrowed oil
stored unspoken words erode the mouth to an oxbow lake  
a tongue stained black by gobbet back
home mothers spot the change
like some sound entered the ears in isolation like  
like the rip of metal chipping walls like   
like the sound of shaken lego he liked
as a child like soldiers running like
he scratched his platitudes into blue   issue   paper like
   To Mum,

A note on poetics:


The future is, by its very nature, imprecise. The modality present in the grammarian’s ‘if conditional’ offers an apt tool with which to articulate the disoriented nature of the former soldier’s efforts to re-integrate into a society happy to accept his/her existence as necessary, but ignorable.

I cannot detach or disassociate poetry from the intricacies of grammar, of sentence structure, clause types, of subordination. There is inherent in the structure of words on a page an infinite poetic nature. It is from this amalgamation of the poetic and linguistic where, as a root, as a hypothesis, the very premise of my current poetry derives.

Could it be that a poem (is it a poem?) can be written with only a consideration of the macro structure? The current poetics explores this question.

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