Saturday, November 29, 2014

Set list: Reading with Sam Riviere at Liverpool University 26th November 2014

On Wednesday 26th November 2014, at the invitation of Sandeep Parmar, I was pleased to read with the excellent Sam Riviere for the University of Liverpool, as part of the Miriam Allott Reading series. I read both published and unpublished work. As ever, the well-rehearsed set was unique to the occasion, the reason for recalling them here. Watch a video of the reading here.

Set List

from Berlin Bursts

Two poems about the saying and the said:

A Voice Without (with may be read here, among other texts)
Yet Another Poem (a draft may be read here)

from Warrant Error

Poems 1-5 from ‘September 12’
5 Poems from ‘Out of Nowhere’ (some of these)

from Berlin Bursts

The first 4 ‘Poems Against Death’.

From ‘Petrarch 3: a derivative derive for Tim Atkins and Peter Hughes after Harry Mathews and Nicholas Moore (See a different set list here)

The ‘original’ Petrarch translation

Read the original in its original place for its original purpose here.

Iron Maiden
Pet (doggie poem; read here)
Petrak: The First English Sonnet, Good Friday 4001
Now then now then and now (the ‘Jimmy Savile' poem; you could hear a pin drop)

'I'm the rock hard tart who pecked his way up Thatcher's snatch!'

twittersonnet (after Rene Van Valckenborch; read his twittersonnet and twitterodes here.)
VE Day 1985 (after Wayne Pratt)

Read more about Warrant Error here.
Read more about Berlin Bursts here.

Poster for the events (Sam and I in squares 3 and 2 respectively)