Thursday, April 14, 2016

Robert Sheppard: de-selected bossa nova epigraph to It's Nothing

The latest 'row' of 14 sonnets called 'It's Nothing', from the developing project, Song Nets, is suffused with echoes and hearings of bossa nova music, and I even wanted to use this quotation as epigraph. I thought I'd post it, as I like it's irony, even though ultimately it doesn't fit the mood of the piece:

Gilberto: Look at the wind shaving the trees.
Psychologist: But trees have no hair, João.
Gilberto: And some people have no poetry.

Watch Gilberto in concert in 1980. Notice the subtle use of the orchestra.

Here's the last poem from 'It's Nothing': 'Last Look' (another bossa nova quotation, this time from Jobim's 'How Insensitive' (which Gilberto sings), and which is also quoted in the poem).