Thursday, July 07, 2016

BREXIT poetry magazine online now

A new pdf BREXIT magazine, BORDERS KILL, edited by David Grundy and Lisa Jeschke, is now available at the following link. I have a (rushed, unfinished, onlyhadamorningtodoit) poem in it; so do many others.

There's always this, here, for those who missed the EUOIA (European Union of Imaginary Authors) build-up to the vote.

(The interesting crossover with the Chilcot Report on the Gulf War released yesterday and BREXIT is that both were national governmental acts with no plans laid down with a thought to what might occur after: and there are several other links between them, despite the obvious differences.)

It's also 7th July, so here's reminder of so-called 7/7 here, a poem 'Byron James is Okay', that comes from my war on terror book Warrant Error.


Update: BORDERS KILL is reviewed here, in foreign. My poem turned out to be the draft of a 100 word sonnet (a form I'm returning to after 20 years or so to write another sequence of sonnets for an amassing project, not now called Song Nets).