Sunday, July 10, 2016

Robert Sheppard 'Untitled' from the sequence 'It's Nothing' published in the International Times

Read the poem, 'Untitled' here.

This sonnet (a domestic poem with a political edge) comes from a series of 14 called 'It's Nothing'. Another poem from the same (the first published poem with the word 'Brexit' in it? Maybe, but not the last, despite its title), 'Last Look', also appeared in The International Times: here. (Here are some other poems that use the word 'Brexit'.)

Thanks to the poetry editor, Rupert Loydell. And to the illustrator Claire Palmer.

See my previous sonnet in International Times here:
(‘Avenge’, another sonnet, a contrafact on Milton’s ‘Avenge O Lord…’, and featuring elements concerning the (female) Yasidi resistance to IS, is not from 'It's Nothing', but belongs to a connected sequence, 'Overdubs'.)

And the one before that, not a sonnet (!) here:
(‘Workless Washday’, a birthday poem for Frances Presley).

Another related sonnet sequence Petrarch 3 is now in print, see here and here.
I write about the completed 100 sonnets of The English Strain here