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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Storm and Golden Sky summer reflections

Storm and Golden Sky last night was a great success: Lauren De Sa Naylor and Nathan Walker.  This reading was part of the 2016 Liverpool Biennial Fringe (though none of us is quite sure how that came about).

This is the last reading of the season. 

 Here's the line-up for Autumn 
·  Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee on 30th September
·  Andrea Brady and Yvonne Riddick on 28th October
                ·  Linda Stupart and Allen Fisher 25th November

I usually delete the posts/adverts for the readings once they have been , but I want to preserve Nathan Jones' excellent image for this gig: 

Another task is to assemble a list of our readers to date. I have false memories of people reading and who haven't and I also think some people haven't read yet and they have. It's to get a sense of history... How long have we been doing them? I'm not even sure.