Saturday, December 10, 2016

James Byrne: Conversational Seedcake (for Patricia)

Conversational seedcake
for Patricia, on her 60th Birthday

Guinness delivers at The Old Post Office. 
Half LION bisects Friday’s vermillion. 

Reverse-charge call to the red telephone.
Fragmentum (re)construes family’s sticky business.

On Bold Street, with a headpaint of canvas,
conversation diptychs us, separable from flesh.

A face to colour any Stanley. Pink anchor in vintage
green heels. Scuttles me claw to lobster.

Happy 40th to you, to you. Numerology is false alarm,
like the eyeball-juicy mass who count on salvation.

Think of the uppers with their Beaujolais noses,
they who would hologram every class plan and feed us

to the Warholian machine. Who cannot see you,
Zechsteinian lantern, bettering this light.

James Byrne

Editor, The Wolf magazine

International Editor, Arc Publications

James' new collection, Everything Broken Up Dances, is published in the United States by Tupelo: 

White Coins, James Byrne's poetry collection from Arc is available.  

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