Thursday, December 08, 2016

Joanne Ashcroft: Hole-rabbit the Down Alice (A Birthday Poem for Patricia Farrell Being 60)

Alice was beginning thought Alice was
      considering did Alice think when she
thought it over Alice started down went
      Alice in the world she was
that Alice not a moment before
      she found herself Alice had learnt
(Alice had no idea) so Alice
      soon began talking again here Alice
began to get rather sleepy Alice
      was not a bit hurt went
Alice like the wind when Alice
      had been all the way and
Alice’s first thought fitted Alice poor
    Alice Alice had begun
wise little Alice look first Alice
      ventured to taste it what a
curious feeling Alice said to herself
      poor Alice to herself rather sharply
Alice to pretend to be two
      people well I’ll eat it said
Alice but Alice had got so
much so she set to work

Joanne Ashcroft blogs here. Her collaboration with Patricia Farrell may be seen and heard here.

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