Saturday, December 10, 2016

Scott Thurston: Patrician Decorum (for Patricia Farrell)


for Patricia


In a pile of soft boxes lies
a palette knife. You hook it out,
slash together a flash
of lemon-yellow, deep crimson,
        This is a process of thinking,
vertebrae aligning in a moving,
extended spine – an enquiry
is spreading.

Who danced and who sat down?

Let’s lean together in this windy world
wound up, take pleasure in all things,
like the grace of dogs, intricate
and difficult.
        Patch through the mosaic
what the body does not remember. Make,
break and fill that space little friend,
for no reason.

I was waiting for meaning when
the tree of animals collapsed

laughing and singing.

With much love Scott, Autumn 2016

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