Saturday, December 03, 2016

Partricia Farrell's poems (online links and video)

See a list of Patricia's publications here. And an account of the publication of her Shearsman volume The Zechstein Sea here. Some thoughts on the publication of her Veer score A Space Completely Filled with Matter here.

See here for 'Travelling on one Ticket', from this blog. 

Hear her reading at The Other Room (Manchester) here. And here you may access her British Library recordings on the Archive of the Now.

‘Tower of Silence’ appeared on Shadowtrain here.

Finally, watch the video of Patricia performing 'Conversational Nuisance', her collaboration with Joanne Ashcroft, as performed at the Liverpool Camrade in early 2015. Note ears. There's a little bit more about it here.

See Patricia's 6 readings as part of the 2017 Enemies collaborative project here. And from the Sheppard Symposium 2017 here!

Visit the Patricia Farrell Celebrations Hub Post (with links to all the rest) here.

 Patricia launching her Knives Forks and Spoons booklet at Mello Mello in Liverpool