Friday, December 02, 2016

Patricia Farrell: Links to some visual work

Last year Veer published Patricia's A Space Filled Completely Filled with Matter and I posted the publication details here. This work was a visual dance score written for Jennifer Cobbing and she performed it a number of times, with Jennifer and with Veryan Weston (See here for some details; and here).

The work may also be viewed here in low-fi, but the print version is the true representation of its glory. Here they are as raw links:

Here is an early addition to this blog here, a visual work by Patricia, 'Tomorrow's Attack Objects Talk'

Here are some images of Patricia installing her art work at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, a brilliant set of 25 images to accompany Helen Tookey's poems, '25 Views of Japan'. 

A previously unposted image of Helen and Patricia dismantling the exhibition
See more images from Card Alpha here.

Read (no images) about the collaborative work with Robert Sheppard Fandango Loops here.

Here's a bonus track, as it were, the computer image Patricia made for the cover of my book The Poetry of Saying. I gave it the silly title Otherwise Than Beings, but then there are not many good jokes in the world of Levinasian studies!

Patricia in Amsterdam

takes you to more visual work on her website

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Visit another hub post to take you to all the posts concerning the Ship of Fools exhibition here.  Ship of Fools is co-run by Patricia.