Friday, June 03, 2016

Estonia’s Hermes says Leave the EUOIA

Estonia’s Hermes (1975-), co-created with Rupert Loydell, is a bit of a dick. He says Leave. We say Leave (to him - but he just won't go, talking non-stop and eating us out of hearth and home, drinking our Guinness, and misfiling our books and leaving his sticky fingers over the CDs!)

Hermes is the founder of Bongos for Rain, a charity which works with those in drought-stricken parts of the world to handcraft drums to invoke the Gods and provoke rainfall. Most of his poetry and word-songs circulate in handwritten fascicles or as sound files on Bandcamp, but his one print volume, Working for the Healing Rain is available from or the alternative bookshop on the edge of Zlatare. This volume was nominated for a To Hell in a Handcart Award in 2010.

The fully monty (i.e., Rupert and my two Hermes poems) may be viewed at

Hermes with wings
If Britain votes to leave the EUOIA on 23rd June, Robert Sheppard, the British representative of British imaginary authors, will have to be excluded from his own anthology, EUOIA, which he is conducting and collaboratively writing with other writers; at the very least he will be moved to the Appendices with Frisland’s Hróbjartur Ríkeyjarson af Dvala (whom he created with Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl). To find out more or less about the EUOIA check the EUOIA website which is still live at, and there are multiple posts on the subject of the EUOIA on this blog (use the keyword EUOIA to see them all displayed, and then check).