Friday, June 03, 2016

Robert Sheppard: new (and EU topical) poem in International Times

I have a new poem (the first published poem with the word 'Brexit' in it? Maybe), 'Last Look', up at The International Times: here.

Thanks to the poetry editor, Rupet Loydell. And to the illustrator Claire Palmer.

This sonnet comes from a series of 14 called 'It's Nothing', which I had thought of as part of a 14X14 sonnet work, but currently I'm not convinced of that structure (though I'm pretty happy with the resultant 'rows': 'Wiped Weblogs', 'Petrarch 3', 'Microbius' and this sequence). 

See my previous sonnet in International Times here:
(‘Avenge’, another sonnet, a contrafact on Milton’s ‘Avenge O Lord…’)
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(‘Workless Washday’, a birthday poem for Frances Presley).