Sunday, June 19, 2016

Slovakia’s Matúš Dobeš isn't sure about the EUOIA either

Slovakia’s Matúš Dobeš (1959-), co-created with Joanne Ashcroft, isn't sure about anything.

Between periods of involuntary detention, Matúš Dobeš has published 49 books of poetry, many of them illustrated by his characteristic spindly ink drawings (for which he is best known in Slovakia). Inspiring a certain trepidation in the viewer, these drawings are symptomatic of deTrump Syndrome, a periodic and collective form of insanity characterised in its manic periods by auditory and visual hallucinations of rational absurdity, similar to those brought on by heavy and prolonged consumption of Diesel.

If Britain votes to leave the EUOIA on 23rd June, Robert Sheppard, the British representative of British imaginary authors, will have to be excluded from his own anthology, EUOIA, which he is conducting and collaboratively writing with other writers; at the very least he will be moved to the Appendices with Frisland’s Hróbjartur Ríkeyjarson af Dvala. To find out more or less about the EUOIA check the EUOIA website which is still live at, and there are multiple posts on the subject of the EUOIA on this blog (use the keyword EUOIA to see them all displayed, and then check). 

Some thoughts on the murder of Jo Cox will be posted tomorrow. These EUOIA posts are concocted well in advance of the dates of posting, by many weeks, in fact.  

Joanne on a later appearance here.