Saturday, June 25, 2016

EUOIA’s Hermes Poised to Take Over : Out is Out ‘Sheppard’ Told

As the EUOIA’s institutions scrambled to respond to the bumbite of Britain’s ‘Shexit’ (as it has been dubbed by Scott Thurston) Europoetiosceptic Estonian ‘bongo poet’ Hermes said uncertainty was “the opposite of what we need”, adding that it was difficult to accept that “a whole anthology is taken hostage because of an internal fight in the British Poetry Party”.

“I doubt it is only in the hands of the poets of the United Kingdom,” he said. “We have to take note of this unilateral declaration that they want to wait until The Sheppard Symposium, but that must not be the last word.”

Hermes’ comments were partially echoed by the president of the European Translation Committee, Matúš Dobeš, who said that there was no reason to wait until next March 8th to begin negotiating Britain’s departure from the European Union of Imaginary Authors. “Evoke Particle 50!” he cried, guzzling Diesel.

“Britons decided yesterday that they want to leave the EUOIA, so it doesn’t make any sense to wait until The Sheppard Symposium to try to negotiate the terms of their departure,” Dobeš said in an interview with Germany’s WELL ’ARD television station. “I would like to get started immediately.” (He forgets that 48% of voters wanted to stay in. Where can they go? Shouldn’t there be some organisation they can join? A fraternity of the “ashamed” and “embarrassed”, to use words that one can find repeatedly used on social media.)

'What will the EU do for the 48% who wanted to remain? What will the EUOIA do for the 48% that want a refrain?' asked Sheppard, enigmatically. (See here.)  

There are now just two poets to complete co-creating, Ireland’s Sean Eogan (1969-), who is being concocted with Steve MacCaffery; and Hungary’s Ratsky József (1970-), who requires stitching together with Jeff Hilson. “I will continue in the English way, as if nothing has happened,” “Sheppard”, declared, even though the anthology has been re-paginated, with his work firmly in the appendix with the Frislandic and Icelandic contributions. He shrugged off suggestions from Hermes that he might be removed altogether, with the book continuing to be the work of the remaining 27.

This ends the Referendum Bulletins of the EUOIA. (You hope!)


I am pleased to announce that Shearsman Books will be publishing the EUOIA anthology.  It will be called Twitters for a Lark and will appear in June or July, in time for the EUOIA evening at The Other Room, Manchester.