Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lithuania’s Jurgita Zujūtė says Don't Leave the EUOIA

Lithuania’s Jurgita Zujūtė (1966-), says Don't Leave the EUOIA.

Zujūtė was born in Kybartai but now lives in Vilinus, Lithuania. Her books of poetry include Night Songs, I Pissed on the Statue of Frank Zappa, and Nocturnes and Aubades. She is in private practice as a psychiatrist. Other works include an academic study of stress among university lecturers, an account of the Rwandan genocide and a travel book about Greenland, which left the EU. More on her here.

Kybartai Noctune

what is that sound
humming like an antique fridge packed with ice

the hint of a turbine something turning
a patient siren rising and falling

perhaps it’s merely the sound of maintenance men
on the railway hi-viz jackets between last train and first
testing the line

it’s a tumour on the flanks of night
this voice its pain rising and falling
a suspiration perhaps within me
the benign whine of my nervous system

but it’s more like negative space
growling in shadows beside the glowing curtain
sound-motes floating in the eye of my audition

darkness breathing pure light or
the broken reed of a pigeon’s throat gasping toward dawn

If Britain votes to leave the EUOIA on 23rd June, Robert Sheppard, the British representative of British imaginary authors, will have to be excluded from his own anthology, EUOIA, which he is conducting and collaboratively writing with other writers; at the very least he will be moved to the Appendices with Frisland’s Hróbjartur Ríkeyjarson af Dvala (whom he created with Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl). To find out more or less about the EUOIA check the EUOIA website which is still live at, and there are multiple posts on the subject of the EUOIA on this blog (use the keyword EUOIA to see them all displayed, and then check).