Sunday, February 18, 2018

Meet the EUOIA collaborators: Rupert Loydell

How could I not work with Rupert Loydell? Rather like S.J. Fowler he is Mr Collaboration (though I don’t think they’ve worked with each other (yet)). With Rupert, I created the Estonian poems of Hermes for Twitters for a Lark: Poetry of the European Union of Imaginary Authors. You can read more about (and see) Hermes here, and, yes, he is a bit of a dick. Twit for a lark. In fact, he’s responsible for ‘Robert Sheppard’ leaving the EU (OIA that is). See here for Rupert’s severe interview with the Beast!

Rupert Loydell is Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University, a poet and a painter. He has published many many books of poems, the most recent of which is Dear Mary (Shearsman: 2017).

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More on Twitters for a Lark here and here. See also A Translated Man ( an early account here; the book is also available from Shearsman here.)

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