Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Meet the final and most important EUOIA collaborator: Rene Van Valckenborch

With Rene Van Valckenborch, whom I created, I created some of the poems for Twitters for a Lark: Poetry of the European Union of Imaginary Authors. You can read more about Rene here.

He also Tweets  here.

René Van Valckenborch is noted for writing in both Flemish and French. Publishing between the years 2000-10, his books (in French) include masks & other masks and glance poems. In Flemish, his projects include The Fuck Me Shoes Chronicles and the online European Union Of Imaginary Authors: 27 Translations. He was President of the EUOIA until 2010, when he 'disappeared'. A generous selection of his work, translated by Annemie Dupuis and Martin Krol, was published as A Translated Man (Shearsman, 2013) with an introduction by Erik Canderlinck and an authorial imprimatur from Robert Sheppard. Will he re-appear? 

Read more about the European Union of Imaginary Authors here and here

More on Twitters for a Lark here and here.


See also A Translated Man (also available from Shearsman here;

 which is a whole book of Rene's work: his separate oeurvres in Flemish and French... That's a long story, and the beginning of the EUOIA, and (possibly) the source of the next and third and last stage of my translated poetry project. Can't quite work out how to further (or even id to, really, if I'm honest). 

Read a piece of Van Valckenborch’s critical prose (not included in A Translated Man), an account of the cinema of forgotten Belgian film-maker Paul Coppens, here.

This is the last post of these introductions. All the collaborators are accessible via links here.