Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Meet the EUIOA collaborators: Alys Conran

With Alys Conran I created the poems of Cristofol Subira; more about him here.

Alys Conran is from north Wales, and spent several years living in Edinburgh and Barcelona. She speaks fluent Catalan and Spanish, note, as well as Welsh and English. She is the author of Pigeon (Parthian Books: 2016), the first novel to be published simultaneously in both English (original) and Welsh (translation), and this has made her well-known in Wales, and beyond, for both versions of the book. Her writing is found in numerous magazines including Stand, The Manchester Review, and The New Welsh Review. She is working on a second novel about the legacy of the Raj in contemporary British life. She is Lecturer in Creative Writing at Bangor University. Here we are reading our concise collaborative poems (we both wrote both poems but read one each, so you can’t see/hear who wrote what!). We had not met before this evening. But I hope we will meet again.

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Accompanied by biographical notes, the poets grow in vividness until they seem to possess lives of their own; they are collected now in Twitters for a Lark.  

More on Twitters here and here.

This collection marks a continuation of the work I ventriloquised through my solo creation, the fictional bilingual Belgian poet René Pelikan Van Valckenborch, in A Translated Man (read an early account here; the book is also available from Shearsman here ) Cristofol does make an appearance in that book too, in the diary of one of the translators of Van Valckenborch, Ms Dupuis.

  All the collaborators are introduced at links available here.