Monday, February 12, 2007

Index to Pages 447-533: third series

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February 2007

533: Robert Sheppard: Editorial to Third Series (Number Two)
532: INDEX to Pages – third series
531: Robert Sheppard: Corseted in his cross-hairs (more September 12)

January 2007

530: Robert Sheppard: Love Life (short story and link)
529: Robert Sheppard: Partly Writing
528: Simon DeDeo and September 12 (link)
527: Robert Sheppard: New Links for the New Year
526: Robert Sheppard: The Archive of the Now (link and texts recorded)

December 2006

525: Dee MacMahon: Three Poems
524: Tony Parsons 50th and the reading of ‘Smokestack Lightning’.

November 2006

523: Moralis: George Oppen Interview 1973

October 2006

522: Rupert Loydell and Robert Sheppard: from Risk Assessment
521: Rupert Loydell: Four Poems

September 2006

520: Introducing Professor Robert Sheppard
519: Todd Swift’s Babylon Burning: five years after 9/11

August 2006

518: Simon Perril: Melomania

July 2006

517: Patricia Farrell: Image
516: Patricia Farrell: On ‘A Space Completely Filled with Matter’

June – July 2006

504-515: Patricia Farrell: A Space Completely Filled with Matter

June 2006

503: Mark Mendoza: Four Poems
502: Django Reinhardt: His Guitar
501: Robert Sheppard: Recent Works on the Web

May 2006

500: Robert Sheppard: Everything Connects: The Cultural Poetics of Iain Sinclair

April 2006

499: Robert Sheppard: Hymns to the God in which My Typewriter Believes

March 2006

498: Bill Griffiths (Ghost Story 6): The Law-Speaker

February 2006

497: Bill Griffiths (Ghost Story 5): Needfire
496: Kai Fierle-Hedrick: Some Poems and a Reading

January 2006

495: Bill Griffiths (Ghost Story 4): On Friday Morn
495: Robert Sheppard: Review of Lee Harwood’s Collected Pomes (part two)
494: John Muckle: Two Poems

December 2005

493: Robert Sheppard: Review of Lee Harwood’s Collected Poems (part one)
492: Clark Allison: Mind’s Eye
491: Bill Griffiths (Ghost Story 3): Midnight Express

November 2005

490: Iain Sinclair: New Poems - Patrick Hamilton (from Buried At Sea)
489: Robert Sheppard: Iain Sinclair’s Lud Heat
488: Sheila E. Murphy: Four Poems
487: Robert Sheppard at Fifty
486: Bill Griffiths (Ghost Story 2): HAZARD
485: Robert Sheppard: Anthologies and Assemblages (A History of the Other, the ninth and last part (not included in The Poetry of Saying))

October 2005

484: Bill Griffiths (Ghost Story 1): TOMMY
483: Patricia Farrell: Otherwise Than Beings
482: Robert Sheppard: A History of the Other, part eight

September 2005

481: Neil Pattison: Preferences 1
480: A History of the Other, part seven
479: Jeff Hilson: from Bird Bird
478: Robert Sheppard: The Poetry of Saying (Liverpool University Press)

August 2005

477: Lawrence Upton: Two Texts
476: The Poetry Buzz: Pictures of Pages authors
475: Patricia Farrell: Visual Work: Tomorrow’s Attack Objects Talk
474: A History of the Other, part six

July 2005 (June was too busy)

473: The Poetry Buzz (images! new technology!)
472: Robert Sheppard: The Anti-Orpheus/Rattling the Bones
471: Scott Thurston: Sounding Scheme
470: Robert Hampson: Synthetic Feed
469: Robert Sheppard: A History of the Other, part five

May 2005

468: Adrian Clarke: from MUZZLE
467: Marianne Morris: from Easter Poems
466: Robert Sheppard: Looking Back at Place and Open Field Poetics
465: Robert Sheppard: A History of the Other: Part four
464: Ken Edwards: from BARDO

April 2005

463: Robert Sheppard: TEXTintoTEXT
462: Robert Sheppard: A History of the Other: Part three
461: Neon Highway Interview with Robert Sheppard
460: Alice Lenkiewicz: Poems from Maxine

March 2005

459: Robert Sheppard: Cobbing: Two Sequences
458: Robert Sheppard: Bob Cobbing and Concrete Poetry
457: Bob Cobbing: Exhibition, Performances and Links
456: Robert Sheppard: You Need Hands: Iain Sinclair’s Dining on Stones
455: Tony Trehy: Coprophilia
454: Ian Davidson: Too Long
453: Robert Sheppard: A History of the Other: Part two.

February 2005

452: John Seed: from Pictures from Mayhew
451: Dee McMahon: Three Poems
450: Robert Sheppard: New Memories: Allen Fisher’s Gravity as a Consequence of Shape
449: Allen Fisher: Mezz Merround
448 Rupert Loydell: ‘Entangled’ (for Allen Fisher)
447: Robert Sheppard: A History of the Other: Part one.
446: Robert Sheppard: Editorial to the Third Series/Afterword to Pages, the Second Series (moved out of sequence to start of February 2005 archive)

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