Friday, February 18, 2005

Entangled (for Allen Fisher) : Rupert Loydell


for Allen Fisher

nomad skulk and undercover
different models of oblivion
optional song and science

note held nerve-end high
street curve and circuit twitter
chaotic short-change signal

desire to feel everywhere
devoted future threshold
ultimate form of healing

virtuous noise asymmetry
dark sedimentary layer
assumed grammar's sludge

lured into data theory
imagination and memory
many levels of found text

translation's mistakes manifest
never our mother tongue
paradise not located here

in gravity's orbit I met my match
and fell in to expression trap
one version of the event

several days out to explore
temperature and storm damage
making so much of right now

explanation lost in consideration
shifting attraction of language
a few paper petals in the gutter

This text originally appeared as a review of Fisher's Entanglement on Do have a look.

Recent poetry by Rupert Loydell: A CONFERENCE OF VOICES [Shearsman, 2004], FAMILIAR TERRITORY [bluechrome, 2004], ENDLESSLY DIVISIBLE [Driftwood, 2003], THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT [Arc, 2003] all available to buy online at

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