Monday, July 18, 2005

Scott Thurston: Sounding Scheme

for a top dormant
clay spike

lends statue cleared

plinth vacated on
tease toe

left on aware heart

cleaned off, the folly
began my round nuances
of fear in the midst of
fast walking feud you

a turn to warn and retreat
out of the glade

not with standing anything but a

is the crucial

misjudged print at exact congruent
augmented third

null. or raided
logic prepares coated butts

dull hits lites
I get

but not over around
or on it

anything but dated fantasy
on the corner
held cigarette as
darting morsel
in swagger in the back
of that disadvantaged
neighbourhood smoke screen
the photo pressed cardboard bio
lending deft glances to
lithe swifts
to decay the visible

what is the necessary page
of produce that lends
the right air

that speaks what you always
knew and wanted to

before touch could intervene
the strategic spill of

your brave purchasing ours
but lacking in the later

stayed too long which probably how
hell finished to like your smile
and ill-advised flattering kick

shamed me to it platform dispersal
and fast perspectives reek of the
lived world far behind it

sound tiles one by one for the
formative digital increase the
hot new resolution

lifts numbingly in prehensile gauze
top-stripping out the séance baize
fluctuations of light and gravy flung
before the hearth

treat pencil scratchings to the big
burger fest of well-spokenness on
a dart ghost

heathen and strung out slung strumming
to take a tub-thump full on held
under kicks
of a force

to be reckoned with

of course on fit full stating
to curb turned curdles into riot
stations you battle where
shiny defences shield tapers
behind the lines as well as
before and afore cut tell deal
in alphanumeric clusters of steaming
wells of rice packs numbed
forefinger forfeit to the
ever-steadying increase of violence
on the pages

shielding for what coaxed offerings
dried in the gulch of awards
ranged to top targets

protection hardly adequate to the pursuit
with hounds rounds and pounds of pollution
you back into pack your surround sound

turf trials timed to perform in reckless
control indexed to success links cuffed
about fallen manners and left graces

shocked to stocked topped devices
full of the magical steaming goo that blasts
your flue beyond rhetorical mass delusion

preparing to weigh the unsolved
action on solid grounds
bound to run

on and off neat evasions rid
paste epithets suddenly


not timed but instantly effective
the trace of furnishings stylings
mouldings of the appearance
to take advantages laden with gifts
aflow with coke spectacles and
disciples lent penance to occupy
activity as earnings

HID exemplary distension
contended assimilable results
trained sights seen

the letter of support
treasured in an odd combative way
for business relative to pore

sunny open band
sunk a torch beam

you and yours light slight right
to rest bereft of tenderness
in a cynical sound scheme
to recuperate is the hardest
satisfaction remunerated excavated
rescue digs on the sullen sites
to pull out the post lowering ground
a cheat to empty space of possession
through a tribute to shifty old crafts
built to last too fast to meet
cruel refusals outside the case
of hardened display affection

their tolerances scheme approached
me with an offer as tempting as
salient of recent compressions
and recriminations over ill
concealed consolatory compensation
for sudden
look up the house excuse
directionary fumblings licking
up pole
a fan base cooling

not should be to wreck
tack to the north
to bring trajectories closer
via storage rings
& queens

Scott Thurston's publications include Turns (with Robert Sheppard (Shipof Fools/Radiator, 2004), State(s)walk(s) (Writers Forum, 1994) andPoems Nov 89 - Jun 91 (Writers Forum, 1991). He currently teaches English Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Salford. Hold: Poems 1994-2004 is due out from Shearsman in 2006. Read some more recent poems: Rescale and other pieces on Great Works. Read a fascinating work of poetics entitled Accreted Statements (and on poetics see my next posting). Read Thurston's review of Miles Champion's Three Bell Zero from Readings and his review of Geraldine Monk's Noctavigations. There is now an article on his work on Readings by Joe Brooker.

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