Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Poetry Buzz : a bus ride with/and for Allen Fisher

The Poetry Buzz was an event to celebrate the publication of three big books by Allen Fisher: Place (Reality Street), Gravity (Salt) and Entanglement (The Gig). (See Pages 448-9; 446 465- 469 for work by/on Allen Fisher) . It consisted of a ride around many of the sites metnioned in his work. Part poetry reading, part carnival, part magical mystery tour. Framed by photos of the bus, from top to bottom, I've posted here:

Bill Griffiths reading in Brixton Plaza (one of the three stops along the way), while Allen Fisher stands to the right, and Lawrence Upton stood to the left. Rob Hollway (along with Paige Mitchell, the organiser of the day) manfully holds the amp up for Bill.

Harry Gilonis as the uniformed conductor of our chaos collecting the fares.

Allen Fisher reading in Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, the second of the stops (the third being Lincoln's Inn Fields) sporting his new name on a t shirt designed by Dell Olsen.

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