Saturday, January 13, 2007

Robert Sheppard: New Links for the New Year

I have a new professional web page at Edge Hill University, complete with air-brushed photo so I look like a wax dummy of myself (appropriate for the self-repression in the service of the performance principle of paid employment, even of a professor;

The page I originally wanted was deemed too long by the techie-police and is detailed and linked, but you can get it as a pdf through the page or here.

Parts of Risk Assessment a collaboration with Rupert Loydell, published by Damaged Goods, 2006, may be read at:

Finally, read Edmund Hardy’s interview with me may be found on Intercapillary Space at In it I talk about both the poetry and the criticism. Edmund’s review of The Lores may be read at Terrible Work:

and his review of my critical book, The Poetry of Saying may be read at Terrible Work too.

My review of Peter Barry’s Poetry Wars may be read on Jacket, complete with another strange photograph of me (in Riga) and its decidedly non-academic conclusion about the goings on at Earl’s Court in the 1970s and ‘those radical poets of the 1970s who – yes, I’ve got to say it – fucked it up for the rest of us.’:

Page 527